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ICFEC 2022: IEEE International Conference on Fog and Edge Computing
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Taormina, Italy
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The IEEE International Conference on Fog and Edge Computing seeks to attract high-quality contributions covering both theory and practice over systems research and emerging domain-specific applications related to next-generation distributed systems that use the edge and the fog. Some representative topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


    Data centers and infrastructures for fog/edge computing
    Mobility management in fog/edge computing
    Distributed and federated machine learning in the fog and on the edge
    5G and fog/edge computing
    Middleware and runtime systems for fog/edge infrastructures
    Programming models for fog/edge computing
    Storage and data management platforms for fog/edge
    Scheduling and resource management for fog/edge infrastructures
    Security, privacy, trust and provenance issues in fog/edge computing
    Distributed consensus and blockchains at the edge and in the fog
    Modelling and simulation of fog/edge environments
    Performance monitoring and metering of fog/edge infrastructures
    Innovative, latency-sensitive and locality-critical applications of fog/edge computing
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