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CSMA 2017 : International Conference on Computer Science and Mechanical Automation
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2017-11-01 Extended
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Wuhan, China
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Authors from the world are welcome to gather at this international event. After the conference, proceedings will be published based on the following topics, which include but are not limited to:

Track 1.Computer Science and Information Technology
Computational Algorithms and Scientific Applications
Computer Hardware and Software
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
High Performance Computing and Networks Parallel and Distributed Computing
Cloud Computing and Big Data

Track 2.Sensors, Instrument and Measurement
Smart Grid/Community and Micro Grid
Bus Interface Technology
Advanced Sensors, Perceptor, Actuator and RFID Technology
Measurement Signal Processing
Real-Time Signal Processing Technology
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Image Processing & Understanding
Measurement and Control of Vibration and Noise

Track 3.Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering
Control System Modeling and Simulation Techniques
Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology
Automotive Instrumentation and Control
Power System and Automation
Electric Machines and System and Drives
Automobile and Electronic Technology
Fault Diagnosis
Control Theory and Applications

Track 4.Other Relative Topics 
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