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PDCAT 2024: International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies
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Hong Kong, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
We are inviting new and unpublished papers on, but not limited to, the following topics:

Networking and Architectures:
Interconnection networks
Parallel/distributed architectures
Heterogeneous and multimedia Systems
ATM networks
Reliability, and fault-tolerance
Ubiquitous computing systems
Computer networks
Communication and telecommunication
Wireless networks and mobile computing
Internet of Things
Optical networks
Cloud/Grid computing systems
Edge computing
Reconfigurable architecture

Software Systems and Technologies:
ask mapping and job scheduling
Formal methods and programming languages
Internet computing
Image processing and computer vision
Agent technologies
Operating systems
Software tools and environments
Parallelizing compilers
Web services
Component-based and 00 Technology
Simulation and Visualization

Algorithms and Applications:
Parallel/distributed algorithms
Big data computing and analysis
Distributed data and knowledge based systems
Image processing and computer graphics
High-performance scientific computing
Reconfigurable high-performance computing
Resource allocation and management - Network
routing and communication algorithms
Database applications and data mining
Intelligent computing and neural networks
Machine learning
Artificial intelligence based algorithms

Security and Privacy:
Access control and authorization
Authentication, biometrics, smartcards
Distributed systems security
Mobile code and mobile agent security
RFID applications
Privacy preserving computation
Applied cryptography
Database security
Intrusion detection and survivability
P2P & ad hoc networks
Cloud securitv
Security protocols

High Performance Systems:
Operating systems for parallel/distributed systems
High-performance computer arithmetic
Memory hierarchy and caching
Performance tuning, optimization and profiling
Human-computer interaction in parallel/distributed systems
Photonic and quantum computing
Media computing in parallel/distributed systems
Software engineering for parallel/distributed system

Big Data Management and Processing:
Mass data stream processing in clouds
Graphs, social networks, and semantic web
Data systems for knowledge discovery, data mining, and machine learning
Big data models and computation theory
Big data mining and fusion
Data Management and Processing
Crowdsourced and collaborative data management
Distributed, decentralized, and parallel data management, and blockchains
Graphs, social networks, and semantic web data processing and analytics
Security, Privacy and Ethics in Data and Analytics
Dimension reduction for large data sets
Big data placement, scheduling and optimization
Multi-source data processing and integration
Deep learning models
Deep learning applications 
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