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ITCE 2016: International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Engineering
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Changsha, China
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Topic: Mechanical, Material Science and energy engineering

The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

Major issues:

(1) Information Processing

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 
    Advanced Adaptive Signal Processing 
    Spectrum Estimation & Modeling 
    TF Spectrum Analysis & Wavelet 
    Higher Order Spectral Analysis 
    Adaptive Filtering &SP 
    Array Signal Processing 
    Hardware Implementation for Signal Processing 
    Speech and Audio Coding 
    Speech Synthesis & Recognition 
    Advanced Speech Synthesis: Toward high-quality and flexible speech synthesis 
    Image Processing & Understanding 
    PDE for Image Processing 
    Video compression &Streaming 
    Computer Vision & VR 
    Multimedia & Human-computer Interaction 
    Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition 
    AI & Neural Networks 
    Communication Signal processing 
    SP for Internet and Wireless Communications 
    Biometrics & Authentification 
    SP for Bio-medical & Cognitive Science 
    SP for Bio-informatics 
    Special Session on Signal Processing for Systems Biology 
    Signal Processing for Security 
    Radar Signal Processing 
    Sonar Signal Processing and Localization 
    SP for Sensor Networks 
    Image Processing 
    Data Mining 

(2) Computer Science

        Algorithm Design 
        Analysis of Algorithms 
        Cloud Computing 
        Cognitive Science 
        Computability Theory 
        Computational Chemistry 
        Computational Complexity Theory 
        Computational Geometry 
        Computational Linguistics 
        Computational Neuroscience 
        Computational Physics 
        Computer Accessibility 
        Computer Animation 
        Numerical Analysis 
        Object-oriented Programming 
        Operating Systems 
        Procedural Programming 
        Programming Paradigms 
        Quantum Computing Theory 
        Requirements Analysis 
        Scientific Computing 
        Computer Architecture 
        Computer Organization 
        Computer Programming 
        Database Management Systems 
        Evolutionary Computation 
        Expert Systems 
        Functional Programming 
        Information theory 
        Logic Programming 
        Machine Learning 
        Natural Language Processing 
        Network Topology 
        Numerical Algorithms 
        Software Design 
        Software Development Process 
        Software Engineering 
        Software Testing 
        Symbolic Mathematics 
        Ubiquitous Computing 
        Wearable Computing

(3) Wireless Communications and Networks 

        Applications of Wireless Technologies 
        Cognitive Networks 
        Collaborative Signal Processing 
        Congestion and Admission Control 
        Cross-layer Optimization 
        Dynamic Services, Multimedia, QoS Support Middleware 
        Efficient Network Architectures 
        Enabling Technologies 
        Energy Efficient Wireless Network design 
        Home Working/Smart Office 
        Intelligent Transport 
        Interference Characterization 
        Internet of Things 
        Iterative Techniques 
        Low Power Devices User Terminal Designs 
        Machine-to-machine Communications 
        Management for User Terminals and Network Devices 
        Mobile System Security 
        Multiple Access Techniques 
        Network Components and Devices 
        Network Information Theory 
        Network Operation and Management 
        Network Traffic Engineering and QoS support 
        Networking and Systems 
        Networks Security 
        Physical Layer Techniques 
        QoS Provisioning in MAC 
        Radio Access Networks 
        Risk Assessment 
        Trusted Computing 
        Wireless Communications 
        Wireless Networking for Smart Grid and Power Management 
        Wireless Routing 
        Wireless/mobile Networked Applications
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