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ISDEA 2014: International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Engineering Applications
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Zhangjiajie, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
Authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts that demonstrate recent advances the following areas of interest, but are not limited to:

Topic 1 Intelligent computation Theory and foundation of intelligent system 
· Intelligent System Models
· Neural Networks ,Evolutionary Computing, Genetic Algorithms 
· Artificial Intelligence theories 
· Case-Based Reasoning,Neural Networks; Probabilistic Reasoning; Search, Optimization and Planning
· Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Biological Inspired Computation; 
· Pattern Recognition; Speech Recognition
· Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing ,Gray system
· Ant Colony Optimization Particle Swarm Optimization 
· Artificial Fish School Algorithm Artificial Life 
· Human-Computer Interaction 
· Artificial Immune Systems Systems
· Biology and Neurobiology Support Vector Machine 
· Rough and fuzzy rough set data mining 
· Kernel Methods Supervised & Semi-supervised Learning
· Games Theory

Topic 2 Knowledge Engineering ,Cloud computation ,Intelligent decision and Advanced Management 
·  Knowledge Representation and Modeling
·  Knowledge Maintenance; Knowledge Elicitation; Knowledge-Based Systems
·  Expert Systems or Decision Support Systems
·  Content Management and Knowledge Management Systems
·  Workflow Management Systems; Ontology Engineering 
·  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
·  Natural Language Processing; Text Mining, Classification and Summarization
· Textual Entailment; Question Answering Systems,Document Preparation and Text Processing
· Language Translation and Linguistics; Information and Knowledge Integration 
· Management Information Systems,E-service  
· Management of Supply Chain and Logistics
· Financial Data Mining Customer
· Relationship Management Web Data Mining
· Cloud management and monitoring 
· Storage in the cloud ,Data security in the cloud   
· Cloud computing pricing and economics ,Agent-based Cloud computing  

Topics 3 Intelligent Robot Technology 
· Architecture of intelligent robots  
· Perception, navigation and control of intelligent robots 
· Intelligent teleportation  
· mage processing and robot vision 
· Simultaneous localization of mobile robots 
· Uncertain environment modeling  
· Novel interfaces and interaction modalities
· Motion planning and navigation 
· Haptic interaction
· Robot software architecture and development tools 
· Context awareness 
· Social robots 

Topics 4  Advanced Control and  Detection Technology 
· Autonomous Control and Fuzzy Logic  
· Distributed control system and its application 
· Complex System modeling and intelligent controller design 
· Machine learning / adaptive systems, expert systems 
· Intelligent control application 
· Intelligent Automation 
· Failure detection and identification 
· Advanced sensor technology and its application  
· Intelligent Sensor, Wireless Sensors and Wireless Sensor Networks, Multisensor  fusion / integration 
· Data Acquisition and Measurement Engineering 
· Advanced signal processing technology 
· Others   

Topics 5  Embedded Technology and its Applications
· Embedded Systems, Software, Hardware and    Applications 
· Cyber-Physical Systems
· Real-time systems 
· Circuit,System, integrated circuit design, integrated system 
· Advanced Circuit Design and Manufacturing Technology
· High-speed Data Collection System and Its Applications
· Solid State Storage Technology and Its Applications
· Nanometer Integrated Circuit Technology 
· Application Specific Integrated Circuits 
· Other related technology 

Topic 6 Intelligent System Application 
· Service Computing and Mobile Computing
· Intelligent Game; Intelligent Multimedia
· Intelligent Engineering Systems; Business Intelligence
· Knowledge Engineering in E-commerce, in Art and in Education
· Intelligent Bio-informatics Systems; Intelligent Healthcare Systems
· E-learning and Intelligent Tutoring Systems
· Intelligent Systems in Engineering and Science
· Knowledge-based Software Engineering
· Intelligent transport 
· Smart Grid and advanced power electronic technology
· Intelligent Building and its Automation 
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